5 Best Tips For How To Wear A Rugby Shirt

5 Best Tips For How To Wear A Rugby Shirt

Rugby not only brings joy from playing rugby games but it also attracts attention because of its diversity of costumes. If you think the rugby shirt can only be worn when playing sports, then follow the article 5 Best Tips For How To Wear A Rugby Shirt to better understand this shirt.

1. History of the Rugby Shirt

What was the original rugby shirt?

Today, plenty of fashion brands from Chaps to Supreme, Palace, and Acne Studios are trying their hand at preppy sportswear staples like this rugby shirt. However, its origins date back to the mid-19th century. This is also the first piece of information in the 5 Best Tips For How To Wear A Rugby Shirt.

Rugby is a sport that originated at the UK’s Rugby School in the 1830s and gained popularity in the following decades through organized clubs. However, the Rugby School team was the first to compete in official uniforms. This is also the origin of the rugby shirt.

What are the design and materials used in rugby shirts?

The original design configurations of the rugby shirt were associated with a sweater and white pants, but over time it transitioned to a long cotton shirt, bow tie, and cap. And most players will wear long pants, which is a stark contrast to today’s thin polyester shorts and uniforms.

In particular, these early shirts had a relatively thick design, were made from heavyweight cotton, and had a short collar with fixed rubber buttons. This combination is tough enough that rugby shirts won’t tear, buttons will come off instead of falling off, and the collar stays in place.

This is so that the players are not easily grabbed by the opposing team, contributing to better performance on the field of play. This is also the next information in 5 Best Tips For How To Wear A Rugby Shirt.

Why do rugby shirts have stripes?

The striped rugby shirt is perhaps one of the most striking features of sportswear. The reason for the design of these stripes is to visually distinguish one team from another. Five or six stripes, with clear, alternating colors are a traditional design. However, in modern rugby shirt models, these details will not be available.

2. 5 Best Tips For How To Wear A Rugby Shirt

Tip 1


The first way to put together the rugby shirt that 5 Best Tips For How To Wear A Rugby Shirt introduces to you is quite simple. With this combination, you can bring your rugby shirt to the company and still be very polite and neat.

A sports jacket with a simple pattern and dark trousers, if possible, combine with a vest outside. Finally, choose a pair of leather shoes to wear, you will have a perfect outfit to go to work with a rugby shirt.

Tip 2


The next combination that 5 Best Tips For How To Wear A Rugby Shirt introduces can help you have a stylish look when going out or walking with friends. Wear your rugby shirt with shorts, sneakers, and a windbreaker. This is the right outfit for your walk on cold autumn days.

Tip 3


A rugby shirt with jeans is also a good combination for days when meeting friends or exchanging work. With this combination, you can go with a pair of sturdy dark boots. This outfit will make you stronger and more mature with the highlight of the rugby shirt.

Tip 4


If you are a person who pursues a polite and stylish style, try pairing a rugby shirt with a jacket. It’s great when it comes with trousers and leather shoes. This combination will give you a polite, youthful style but still be very stylish and modern.

Tip 5


This is the simplest style of rugby shirt wearing that anyone can refer to make. Pair it with a shirt over the top with a pair of jeans. Finally, sports shoes are full of personality. This is a fashion combination that you can see in a lot of places because it is quite simple and polite. Surely this outfit can make you many years younger. This is also the last suggestion in 5 Best Tips For How To Wear A Rugby Shirt.

3. Frequently asked questions

What are the specific sports functions of the rugby shirt?

The characteristic of this sport is that small rubber bubbles are added to the chest and shoulders. The reason is to help the ball or cling to the shoulder of a teammate. Also, instead of embroidered graphics, prominent colors and logos tend to hold up better through the washing process.

Many of these changes begin within the first few years. And as activewear shifts to texture in a lighter, more streamlined form, it’s inevitable to see this traditional outfit undergo a major makeover.

Rugby shirts can not only be used on the field but can also be combined with casual wear. However, if you know how to combine them with your everyday clothes, you will surely own a lot of impressive fashion styles.
Hopefully the article 5 Best Tips For How To Wear A Rugby Shirt will provide useful information for you.

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