10 Best Rugby Movies On Netflix You Should Watch!

6 Best Rugby Movies On Netflix You Should Watch!

Rugby Movies On Netflix. Sports-related films never struggle to inspire us. Nothing is impossible in sports movies, and we can achieve our goals even in the most difficult circumstances.

Biopics make us believe that individuals have faced more difficulties and problems than we do. So, if they can do it, why can’t we? To inspire you, here is a list of must-see rugby movies on Netflix.

Rugby Movies On Netflix – Handsome Devil

Handsome Devil
Handsome Devil

Handsome Devil is a John Butler-directed Irish comedy-drama starring Fionn O’Shea as Ned, Nicholas Galitzine as Conor, and Andrew Scott as Dan. The story is set at the fictitious Wood Hill College. Ned is the one odd student at a rugby-obsessed college who despises rugby. Conor, a new student, and a talented rugby player move in with Ned.

Though they are diametrically opposed, they soon discover a popular interest in music. Mr. Sherry is a professor who is always supportive of Ned and Corner. When Ned and Conor discover the secret history of the professor, the plot takes an unexpected turn.

Rugby Movies On Netflix – Alive

Alive is a Frank Marshall-directed American biographical drama starring Ethan Hawke as Nando Parrado and Josh Hamilton as Roberto Canessa. The story starts with the photographers of Stella Maris College’s Old Christians Rugby Team, who track down the rugby team’s members.

This film is more of a monologue. Flight 571 of the Uruguayan Air Force flies over the Andes on October 13, 1972. The players and their families are eagerly anticipating the upcoming game. The plane unexpectedly crashes due to turbulence as well as collides with a massive mountain.

Rugby Movies On Netflix – Mercenary

Sacha Wolff wrote and directed the French drama Mercenary, which starred Toki Piloko. The plot revolves around Soane, a 19-year-old man who goes to play rugby against the wishes of his violent father and is evicted from his own home. He belongs to the Wallissian community.

He is handpicked from New Caledonia to play for a French club. He was recruited by an intermediary named Abraham and receives a commission from their salaries. Unfortunately, he will not be able to play. This adds to the confusion in his life. The film depicts his struggle to get to the place he wants to go.

Rugby Movies On Netflix – Invictus


The film tells Nelson Mandela’s inspiring story. After 27 years in prison, Mandela notices racial discrimination in the country, despite the fact that it has been in place for many years.

Discrimination between Blacks and Whites is still prevalent. During the rugby match, however, he notices that the blacks are cheering on the opposing team. He teams up with South Africa’s rugby captain, Francois Pienaar. This opens up a new avenue for him to eliminate the country’s racial discrimination. Mandela believed that through sports, he would be able to unite a divided nation. During the 1995 Rugby World Cup Championship match, he rallies in support of the South African rugby team.

Rugby Movies On Netflix – XV: Beyond The Try Line

XV: Beyond The Try Line is a film that touches our hearts. Pierre Deschamps is in charge of the direction. The film depicts the players’ love for rugby and their devotion to it. Aside from the rugby match, the film depicts the behind-the-scenes and real-life events that occur during the game. There is no turning back once they touch the ball. Rugby is more than just a game; it evokes strong emotions in many people.

Rugby Movies On Netflix – 100 Streets

100 Streets is a British drama directed by Jim O’ Hanlon and written by Leon F. Butler. The plot centers on the lives of three people whose paths cross in modern London. Idris Elba plays Max, Gemma Arterton plays Emily, Franz Drameh plays Kingsley, Ken Stott plays Terence, Kierston Wareing plays Kathy, as well as Charlie Creed-Miles, plays George. Max is a former England rugby player and team captain who is fighting to save his marriage to his celebrity wife Emily.

Kingsley is a drug dealer who’s really desperately trying to get out of it when he meets Terence, who pushes him out of his rut. George, a cab driver, and Kathy, his wife, are attempting to have children but are continually disappointed. The story illustrates how sometimes we need to take a wrong turn to get back on track.

Rugby Movies On Netflix – Gridiron Gang

Gridiron Gang
Gridiron Gang

Gridiron Gang is a sports film starring Dwayne Johnson as Coach Sean Porter, Xzibit as Assistant Coach Malcolm Moore, L. Scott Caldwell as Bobbi Porter, and Kevin Dunn (Ted Dexter). It’s based on the real-life story of the Kilpatrick Mustangs.

He works hard to keep the youths away from their personal problems while also assisting them in breaking free from drug dealing and street gangs. But, sadly, he fails every time. Later, he has the bright idea of forming a football team. He believes that football will help them to be disrupted from their daily routines while also giving them a sense of belonging. So he forms his own team with the teenagers, naming it the ‘Kilpatrick Mustangs.’ This changes the lives of the kids there and marks the start of something new.

Rugby Movies On Netflix – Greater

David Hunt wrote and directed the sports-themed American film Greater. It’s a biopic about Brandon Burlsworth, from his epic life to his tragic death. The story starts with Brandon Burlsworth’s funeral at the age of 22. Later, we see Brandon Burlsworth as a 12-year-old boy with a desire to play for the University of Arkansas.

But he won’t be able to attend university since of his physical looks, and despite the fact that others advised him to give up, he never did. He worked very hard and succeeded in his field. Soon after, he joins the team and motivates them to work hard toward their goal. He had no idea about the unexpected visitor who was waiting for him.

Rugby Movies On Netflix – Building Jerusalem

Building Jerusalem
Building Jerusalem

James Erskine directed the 2003 Rugby World Cup film Building Jerusalem. The film is a personal love letter to England. The audience was on the edge of their seats throughout the match. The film depicts how England celebrated their victory over Australia in the final minute of the game.

It also includes interviews with coaches, players, as well as top scorer Jonny Wilkinson, whose goal made England history. The show’s star is Jonny Wilkinson. He openly discusses his insecurities and fears during the game. Finally, he how his years of practice as well as experience aided him in saving his country.

Rugby Movies On Netflix – Undefeated

Daniel Lindsay and T. J. Martin directed the documentary film Undefeated. The film depicts the struggles of a high school rugby team. Manassas High School in North Memphis serves as the setting for the story. Their school has never had a rugby team. Coach Bill Courtney happens to enter their lives, which changes everything.

He founded the Manassas Tigers, football team. Despite repeated failures, even after years of trying, they never give up. He not only trains them for football practice, but also for emotional stability. He readies them for academics as well as athletics.

Here is the list of Rugby Movies On Netflix. Obviously, the list is not exhausted. So, if you really highly recommend any rugby Movies On Netflix let us know in the comment box below.


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