Can you play rugby with braces? What should you know when having a good mouthguard?

Can you play rugby with braces?

You recently spent thousands of dollars on dental work, so it only makes sense that you would be protective about your newly aligned teeth. The only problem is that you also adore rugby and don’t want anything to stand in the way of your ascent to football fame. In this essay from Rugbyqa, we will examine whether can you play rugby with braces.

Can You Play Rugby With Braces?

Yes, you can. If you use a dentist-made custom mouthguard, you can play rugby while wearing braces. You always wear your mouthpiece during a game or practice. Braces should not alter your rugby regimen because you should always use a mouthguard when playing.

Why Is A Mouthguard Necessary When Playing Rugby?

When playing rugby, you should wear a mouthguard since they lessen your risk of getting a concussion and a mouth injury. You might feel more at ease thanks to mouthguards because you won’t have to worry about losing your teeth. Additionally, mouthguards can be a stylish item that you can personalize with various images to stand out to selectors.

Can You Play Rugby With Braces?

Lower risk of mouth injuries – According to scientific studies, athletes who wear gum shields are up to two times less likely to injure their than those who do not.

Reduced risk of head injuries – Mouthguards help to strengthen the neck and jaw, stop the neck from moving during a tackle, and lessen the risk of whiplash, which is a primary cause of concussions.

Cool Accoutrement – You can select to have a custom mouthguard made in any color you desire, and you can even have your mouthguard personalized with inscriptions.

Reassurance – When you train while wearing a gumshield, you can train freely and quiet the inner voice that is constantly fretting about you losing your teeth and being saddled with a hefty dental expense.

Why Gumshields Shouldn’t Be Worn During Rugby Union And League?

Rugby is not the time to use a gumshield because they are uncomfortable and can make you feel like you are choking. They may limit your breathing, which would cause you to tire more quickly. Gumshields can be pricey as well; a dental version would set you back over $100.

Why Gumshields Shouldn't Be Worn During Rugby Union And League?

Not comfortable – Let’s face it, wearing a mouthguard is difficult. Even a bespoke dental mouthguard will feel uncomfortable compared to playing rugby without one because it causes you to feel like you are always choking or rubs against your gums.

Breathing – Gumshields hinder breathing because they restrict the quantity of oxygen that can pass through your mouth. When playing rugby, you need as much mouth breathing as you can get, but even once your mouth adjusts, your oxygen intake will be lowered.

Accidents – A poorly fitted mouthguard will not only fail to protect your teeth from being knocked out, but it can also harm your mouth by rubbing against the inside of your mouth and causing ulcers and lesions. These cuts hurt a lot, and there is a high risk of infection because the constant moisture in your mouth makes healing more difficult.

Expensive – A mouthguard can be purchased for $20–$30 at a drugstore or online, but if you want a dental mouthguard, expect to pay $100–$200; not everyone can afford that or is ready to spend that much money.

An additional piece of equipment – An additional training gear that you must remember to pack, keep clean, and maintain is a mouthguard. If you frequently misplace or forget things, this could be another speed hump in your rugby career.

Will playing rugby while wearing braces damage my teeth?

Will playing rugby while wearing braces damage my teeth?

Fear not; as long as you use a mouthguard, you can safely train for rugby while wearing braces without endangering your teeth. You should get a custom dental-made mouthguard to significantly lower your risk of dental injuries.

Each year, thousands of boys who are braces-wearing participate in rugby. The bulk of schoolboy teams frequently has players racing around the rugby pitch in braces. These young men may enjoy their favorite sport in safety and go away from the game with pearly whites.

If I have braces, do I need to use a mouthguard when I train rugby?

If you have braces, you must use a mouthguard when practicing rugby. There’s a good likelihood that you’ll eventually take a serious hit to the mouth. When you can simply wear a mouthguard that has been demonstrated to be highly successful in avoiding dental injuries, it would be ridiculous to destroy your teeth and squander all that money spent on braces.

It is not a wise choice to forego a gumshield or mouthguard when playing rugby, even though it may be cool for certain elite athletes to do so. Rugby players occasionally take blows to the mouth, which can result in tooth loss, painful mouth injuries, and tongue and gum biting. Wear your mouthguard throughout practice and games if you prefer not to visit the dentist and prefer the way your teeth look. Mouthguards are quite good at protecting your teeth and mouth.


To sum up, can you play rugby with braces? Until you get your braces removed, you could be tempted to believe that your rugby career is over if you have braces. This is not the case, though. Braces are safe to wear while playing rugby, as thousands of boys do each year without issue. The only thing you need to remember to do is to always wear your mouthguard throughout games and training sessions. To ensure your braces receive the best possible protection on the football field, you should also invest the extra money on a tailored mouthguard from your dentist.

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