How to pump a rugby ball without a pump: Our 5 most effective methods

How to pump a rugby ball without a pump

What happens if there is no pump or needle around and you discover your ball to be deflated? You could easily decide not to start the park pickup rugby as planned. Even better, you could use your incredible ingenuity to figure out another way how to pump a rugby ball without a pump.

How to pump a rugby ball without a pump

Method 1: Boost Your Ball with Compressed Air

Boost Your Ball with Compressed Air

You may use this common office supply to re-inflate a deflated ball. Finding something to fit in the tiny air hole is the most challenging aspect of blowing a ball up without a pump or needle. The best answer is a compressed air canister, of course.

The opening in the ball will precisely fit the little straw that is included with the canned air. Since the can will cold up very rapidly, I’d advise performing short bursts of air. Make sure it’s just a one-time occurrence because it probably won’t work if the ball is entirely flat, and employing this approach often would be quite expensive.

Method 2: Add Air to Your Flat Ball by Taking It From a Balloon

Using the air from a balloon is another creative way to recycle. You have an immediate do-it-yourself answer as long as there is something to pass the air between the two. Even if your pump breaks, the needle will still function. But if you don’t have one, you can use a coffee stirrer or a very tiny straw. The balloon should be as big and sturdy as possible. The punch balloon would be ideal.

Make the balloon as inflated as you can. The balloon’s lip should then be sealed up with a paper clip or clamp to keep the air inside. Next, connect the straw or stirrer to the pump needle or balloon and place the other end through the ball’s hole. Once the paper clip or clamp is removed, the air will start to enter the ball. Squeezing the balloon will accelerate air transfer.

How to pump a rugby ball without a pump

This trick has not been tried out by us. The accuracy of this hack has been questioned by viewers of the video, who point out that the balloon doesn’t seem to be shrinking even while the ball is filling up nicely, as you can see below. Please let us know if it works or not if you test this one out.

Method 3: Convert the Ink Tube from a Pen into a Temporary Needle

Finding a suitable replacement if your pump needle is missing is one of the largest obstacles, as was previously stated. You’ve found one if you happen to have a pen handy. Additionally, you’ll need a paper clip, scissors, and tape for this hack.

The pen must first be disassembled, and the ink tube must be separated. Remove the writing point to drain the ink. Keep your writing cap close by since you’ll need it to grip your “needle” or point of entrance into the pump. Cut a tiny portion from the ink tube using your scissors, then place it inside the writing cap.

Convert the Ink Tube from a Pen into a Temporary Needle

You should use a metal paper clip with a plastic covering to make the “ball tube.” Straighten the paper clip before inserting it into the ball’s air hole. The plastic “tube” will remain mostly inside the ball after making a cut around the protruding end and removing the metal. Your writing-cap “needle” (which is currently connected to an air pump) will go inside of this plastic container. It will seem as follows:

And a pumped-up ball should be the end outcome.

Note : This delicate apparatus will definitely need assistance from you, but with cooperation, everything should work out.

Method 4: Refill Your Ball at a Gas Station

I’ve experienced my fair share of flat tires, and as a result of that experience, I now make sure to have a few quarters in my car at all times for just such an occasion. You may re-inflate your deflating tires using the air pumps found at many petrol stations. However, you can also use these strong pumps to inflate your ball—or balls—if you have a pump needle or straw/stirrer with you.

Before your time runs out, you can try to fill as many as you can. Note: If you buy fuel in California, gas stations must give you free “water, compressed air, and a gauge for monitoring air pressure,” according to the legislation, starting in 1999. So remember that the next time you’re at the gas station.

How to pump a rugby ball without a pump

Method 5: Alternately, go to a bike shop- how to pump a rugby ball without a pump

While we’re on the subject of being out and about, you may also give your neighborhood bike shop a call and see if they’d be happy to use a bike pump to inflate a few balls for you. If they aren’t too busy, a neighborhood store might agree to your request. Of course, as a gesture of gratitude for their gracious hospitality, you should think about purchasing a small item. A reflector or decal are always options, right?


As you can see, there are several ingenious methods how to pump a rugby ball without a pump or needle. The fact that your rugby ball is flat should not deter you. It’s acceptable if your pump is broken and you can’t find the needle. Put on your MacGyver hat and grab a pen or a straw. You’ll soon be back to playing rugby!

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