Most Popular Rugby Thighs Exercises For Professional Players

Most Popular Rugby Thighs Exercises For Professional Players

Famous rugby players not only have toned muscles but also have big strong legs. They use these strong legs to make runs, steal and pass the ball on the court. So how do rugby players have such muscular rugby thighs? How do they develop them? We will answer the above questions right in this article.

How does rugby increase muscle strength?

Rugby players get rugby thighs through a combination of genetics and regular leg weight training sessions. Rugby players tend to be more naturally muscular than the average person and can more easily build muscle. Rugby makes your legs muscular because sprinting and splits help develop your legs significantly. Since sprinting is a major part of rugby, it’s not uncommon for rugby players to have big legs and thighs.

In a rugby match, players will sprint over a total of 600m, usually made up of 30 different sprints. “Sprinting helps build muscle, especially in the glutes, calves, and hamstrings, because these are the main drivers in athletics,” says Curtis Taylor, a sprint coach at the University of Oregon Sprint”. Not only that, rugby players not only sprint but also spend most of the game jogging and running fast. Players will run as fast on average 75 times a match. This run may not be as anabolic as a sprint, but it still contributes to the development and building of leg muscles. Another cause of rugby thighs and leg development is ball handling.

How does rugby increase muscle strength?

During handling, the player will hit the ball forward with his foot to end the phase. This process puts a great deal of stress on the player’s feet as they not only have to face the ball but also the opponent on the field. Rugby players also do squats and weightlifting exercises that focus on the legs to increase blocking and sprint speed. Squats are a very popular and quite effective exercise for building leg muscles for rugby players. Squats have been shown to increase sprint speed and increase handling power. Barbell back squats are the most common form of squat, and in recent years front squats have also become very popular.

Popular rugby thighs exercises

Power Cleansing

Power Cleansing is one of the popular leg and thigh exercises, also a variation of the Olympic weightlifting exercise, instead of holding the barbell in a squatting position, you will perform bringing the barbell in front of your chest to perform. Push up then move to deadlift but lower your hips and squat down. Next, pull the bar to your lower thigh and accelerate. When the bar reaches the upper thigh, tiptoe up, dip slightly below, and catch the bar. This is when strength is created to develop strength in your hips – a strong runner.

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Snatch Deadlift

The Snatch Deadlift is a variation of the deadlift that uses more weights than usual. To do it, you have to make a wide fist and squat much lower than the deadlift position then bring your knees out to be able to get low. While maintaining an upright position, as you pull the bar toward your knees, you need to push the bar back so the bar can go over your knees without hitting them, pushing your hips into the bar to End the deadlift forcefully when the bar reaches your position.

Power Snatch

Like the Power Clean, the Power Snatch is also a variation of the Olympic weightlifting exercise. To do it, get ready in a deadlift position and when the bar reaches your thighs, do the same as you did with the Power Clean and lift your hips upwards while extending your body to the forks. the higher the better. These are great building moves that help strengthen the hips.

Barbell Jumps

The next exercise is the Barbell Jumps. This exercise uses 30%-40% of the strength of your best back squat. Start with a barbell drop like a typical back squat, do a very shallow squat, and then pause. Then jump up like a regular jump, doing 3 sets of 8-12 times. This exercise is great for building strength.

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Deadlifts are very popular among rugby players, they are a great full-body exercise that can develop your back, arms and legs, warm up gently and ensure that you are keeping your back straight and focused throughout the movement. Those are all basic and common exercises that rugby players do regularly to develop rugby thighs to become bigger and more toned.


To sum up, Rugby players are naturally more muscular than the average man. Studies have shown that rugby players are more diverse than the average population which means they have broad shoulders, a higher amount of muscle than fat, and can easily gain muscle. Rugby players often possess genetic factors for muscular bodies along with frequent movements on the field such as sprints and tackles that lead to rugby players having big feet.

Players can further develop their rugby thighs by performing leg-focused exercises such as the squat. In today’s article, we have explained some of the reasons that lead rugby players to have big feet as well as basic exercises to develop their thigh muscles. Hope this article has brought you valuable information. We’ll be back for more fun rugby articles. Thanks for following our article.

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