Rugby Gloves & The Interesting Facts About it

Rugby Gloves & The Interesting Facts About it

If you are a fan of the sport of rugby and have been watching for a long time, then you must have seen the movie about the 2003 Rugby World Cup and saw a lot of players wearing gloves while playing. At the present time, you will see fewer gloves on the football field. Gloves are very useful on cold days because they help keep your hands warm to improve performance. So what are the do’s and don’ts of rugby gloves? Find out with us in the article below.

Is it legal to use rugby gloves?

According to the current rules of the rugby games, you are allowed to wear a very specific type of glove which is an empty glove. Specifically, your gloves should be open-toe designed, made of soft, stretchy, and most synthetic material with a soft rubber grip material not exceeding 1mm in depth. Allow coverage of the fingers and thumb to the outer joint but no further. Gloves should not contain buttons, latches, or any other potentially dangerous items. If during competition you intentionally wear full-finger gloves or gloves with buttons or latches, the referee may require you to take them off at any time before or during the game.

You will then most likely be kicked off the field for not being able to continue playing with illegal equipment. If a referee asks a player before a game to remove gloves or illegal gloves and the player still wears them, that player may be sent off. Currently, the authorities of World Rugby have not given a clear explanation as to why they do not allow players to use fingered gloves. Some of the unofficial answers given are that wearing gloves with full fingers leads to the fabric being prone to tugging which can lead to dislocated fingers, dangerous for players.

Is it legal to use rugby gloves?

The benefits of rugby gloves

Some players, mainly young or amateur players, choose to wear gloves and there are several reasons for that. The most common reason anyone can guess is to keep your hands warm. If hands are kept warm, they will be more agile, flexible, and at the same time stronger. This allows you to better hold, catch and handle the ball.

Players are allowed to bring full thermal gloves for cold-weather games. These can keep their hands warm as soon as they start playing and can be worn again after the game. Just remember to take it off before the game starts. Several people have mentioned applying vaseline to their wrists to insulate against the cold. But I can’t imagine why anyone would put anything on it that would make their hands slippery.

The benefits of rugby gloves

Another equally important reason is that wearing gloves creates an additional layer of protection for your hands. If you have a bruise or any open wound on your hand, wearing gloves can keep your hands protected and avoid creating new injuries during competition. In addition, some hookers also use gloves to help the ball when throwing the ball in the front line.

Why don’t players wear rugby gloves?

One very basic reason rugby players don’t wear amputee gloves is that they’re out of fashion. In addition, there are a number of other reasons why these gloves are no longer in common use.

Gloves are not good in mud

If your match takes place in cold and rainy weather, the field will turn muddy and slimy, when you put on gloves, the soft material of the gloves will quickly absorb water and, form a thick layer on the outside of your gloves. You won’t be able to easily clean them while playing on the field. At this point, the glove is filled with mud and water, which will cool his hand, making it clumsy and harder to hold.

Likewise, the grip surface of the palm can get wet in a downpour. A wet, muddy, slimy glove is harder to hold than a wet hand. Wet and slippery hands can also be wiped clean. You can’t do it with a glove. So your playing performance on the court can be reduced just because of one glove.

Gloves are not good in mud

Not durability

Rugby gloves are just not very durable. They had a reputation after only a few matches in rainy or muddy conditions. If you have to constantly change your gloves, it can be very expensive. You wouldn’t want to have to constantly change your gloves before every game, would you? That is really annoying.

Easy to notice

You may not know it, but wearing gloves makes it easier for officials to see your hands. If you get into trouble, gloves make it much easier for officers to see and make calls. Since full gloves are taboo during rugby, the umpires will keep an eye on you to see if it’s a fingerless or a fingered glove. Inadvertently draw the referee’s attention to you.


One of the main reasons for wearing gloves is that the players think they have improved their grip. If you choose to buy gloves for the young rugby player in your family, there are a few things to think about. First and foremost, make sure any gloves you receive are legal. Make sure it’s made of soft material and has no hard buttons or latches. Gloves also need to adhere to the fingerless mark. If a player has an illegal glove, they will not be allowed to use it or may even be kicked off the field to remove it.

Today’s article has introduced the basic rules in rugby and answered the question of whether rugby gloves are valid when playing as well as explained why so few players wear them today. gloves when playing. Hope this article provides a lot of interesting information for you. We will be back in a lot of other rugby-related articles. Let’s look forward to it!

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