The 20 Best Gifts For Rugby Players

The 20 Best Gifts For Rugby Players

On holidays or anniversaries, giving rugby players gifts will help them feel more loved for the sport. It is also a way for you to express your love for rugby players. Don’t miss the article The 20 Best Gifts For Rugby Players if you are looking for gift ideas for rugby players.

1. Metal rugby ball cufflinks

Metal rugby ball cufflinks

These cufflinks are small and delicate, so they would be ideal for someone going to a rugby event or even for a day at the office. This is also the first gift in The 20 Best Gifts For Rugby Players. They are also made of rhodium material so they won’t tarnish even with daily use. You can choose to add a personalized message on top of the box to add another unique touch to the gift.

Price: $7.73

2. Six Nations coaster

Six Nations coaster

Water coasters with rugby representatives from 6 countries will be a special gift for rugby players. It’s pretty cheap, but it’s packed with gift-giver flair. The special feature of this gift is that it is used all year round, whenever you enjoy your favorite drink, you will see them.

The Six Nations coaster is the perfect gift for Six Nations Rugby League fans. These beautifully designed coasters feature the countries of Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland, Italy, and France. Make the rugby fan in your family happy with these perfect little gifts. It’s an inexpensive but thoughtful gift if you’re on a tight budget.

Price: 15$ 

3. Rugby World subscription

It’s a special gift for rugby players, a Rugby World magazine. Lucky recipients will get the latest issue delivered directly to their doorstep every month, so they can enjoy the best rugby content, exclusive interviews, in-depth analysis, and opinions of experts on the sport.

There are also great savings over the Christmas period. In the UK, you can save 22% on print registration, 48% on online registration, or 53% on the combined print and online registration.

Price: 142.49$

4. Female rugby player multi-color print

Female rugby player multi-color print

This painting would be a great addition to any rugby lover’s wall. A celebration of women’s rugby, it is a colorful and vivid depiction of a player running with a rugby ball. This is also the next special gift in The 20 Best Gifts For Rugby Players. This painting print is available in a variety of sizes and materials, but there is no option for framing which would have to be done separately.

Price: 28$

5. Novelty chocolate box

If the football players are also chocolate junkies then this is the perfect gift for you to give them. Novelty chocolate boxes are chocolate candies shaped like rugby balls. You can choose the team you want to design on the packaging of the chocolate box.

As well as Cadbury or Galaxy for the main chocolate bar and the wrappers after that are beautifully designed. Available teams include the Lions, each host country as well as Gallagher Premiership and United Rugby Championship clubs. This would be a great Christmas gift or a birthday surprise for rugby players.

Price: 10$

6. Engraved rugby tankard

Engraved rugby tankard

This handcrafted pewter cup has a rugby match scene engraved on its surface. While this is one of the more expensive gifts on this list, it’s also a keepsake that can be used over and over again. In addition, you can also put meaningful wishes or a personal message on this mug.

Price: 20$

7. LED illusion light

LED illusion light

When powered on, this light makes it look like a football is on a stand. It has 16 different color modes for you to choose according to your mood with the shimmer of the lamp. It also has energy-saving features and free shipping for those living in the UK. This lamp can both be a decoration in the room and can completely become a beautiful night light for rugby players.

Price: 20$

8. Raging Bull clothing

For any rugby fan, Raging Bull is an ideal gift choice for Christmas or rugby players’ birthdays. This fashion brand founded by Phil Vickery MBE offers rugby-inspired t-shirts, polos, and sweaters, as well as cotton shirts and a variety of accessories. T-shirts with the classic rose badge and beautiful fabrics and finishes, it’s the perfect gift for rugby players.

Price: 20$

9. Classic rugby kits print

Classic rugby kits print

This can be applied to all football fans as you can specify the team you want based on the print you require. The printout includes 16 different outfits the team has worn over the years, reminding those special people you bought it for memories from each season. Available in A3 and A4, you can also add a gift message and have the option to frame the print if you want your gift to be more special.

Price: 19$

10. Rugby ball

This gift seems simple but it is the perfect gift for those who are into rugby or are looking for a ball collection. This Gilbert trainer ball is handcrafted and very durable. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors and sizes. It is also a well-known brand that almost every rugby lover knows.

Price: 13$

11. Rugby ball bracelet

This bracelet is designed from a metal rugby ball and a waxed cotton tag strap. It was wrapped around in cardboard that read: “Life is simple. Eat, sleep, and play rugby. ” You can design the color of the strap, handmade and adjustable, and add the initials of your favorite football player’s name.

Price: 13$

12. Rugby shirt

A rugby shirt is a good gift choice for your loved ones as well as friends. The shirt with the name of your favorite rugby team will please rugby lovers. This might be a slightly more expensive gift, but you can also opt for similar hats or shoes. This is the next gift in The 20 Best Gifts For Rugby Players.

Price: 12$

13. Rugby mug

Rugby mug

A great mug for your favorite rugby player. Whether their level of play is excellent or average, they will surely be delighted to receive this gift. The words “This is a great football player” printed on both sides of the cup will make anyone who loves rugby smile. This is also a dishwasher-safe cup, so you can rest assured when choosing it as a gift for your friends.

Price: 16$

14. Twickenham map print

England rugby fans are sure to love this gift. It can show you a map of the Twickenham stadium along with the coordinates of the home ground of English rugby. It comes in two colors black and white with a red dot to denote the stadium. This printed map comes in four size options, but framing will need to be done separately.

Price: 10$

15. Rugby notebook

Rugby notebook

A notebook with messages about the love of rugby can also become a meaningful gift for rugby players. This will remind them of the gift giver and be able to document important things in their journey. Things to remember or interesting information about rugby will be recorded by rugby players in this notebook.

Price: 9$

16. Ireland hoodie

Ireland hoodie

The rugby-style hoodie is also a special gift for rugby lovers. In addition to the sporty look, the jacket with fleece lining will help keep the wearer warm. There’s nothing better than a warm rugby-style shirt on the coldest days. This is a meaningful, practical gift that shows your sophistication on important occasions.

Price: 31$

17. Lions phone case

Phones are indispensable for everyone, so phone cases are also a good gift for football lovers. This gift is not only spiritually meaningful in supporting football enthusiasts, but also helps them better protect their phones.

Price: 19$

18. Wales rugby tube map

Welsh rugby fans are sure to love this tubular map as it recalls famous rugby players, stadiums, and matches. Each line represents a historical period of Welsh rugby. The red color of the map reflects the classic colors of the Welsh kit and the A2 print can also be framed if you so desire. While this print has information relating to the Wales team, other prints focus on England and Scotland.

Price: 60$

19. Scotland underwear

Scotland underwear

Bawbag has a selection of Scottish rugby-themed women’s cotton underwear, including these colorful pants. There are also Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh designs as well as men’s shorts. This will be a gift showing your flair for rugby lovers in special events.

Price: 20$

20. England Rugby socks

Charles Tyrwhitt is the official apparel partner of the England team and has a wide range of products in their new collection. There are tights such as these socks, shorts,s and ties, which are a subtle way to show your country ties. As well as shirts, overalls, and even blazers. This is also the last gift in The 20 Best Gifts For Rugby Players.

Price: 10$

Hopefully, the article The 20 Best Gifts For Rugby Players will provide useful information for you.

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