The 3 Fun Games With Rugby For Kids

The 3 Fun Games With Rugby For Kids

Here are some really fun games with rugby. Children gain skills through these activities, but the emphasis is always on having fun. You can’t be accused of leading a dull coaching session if you have these games in your possession.

The 3 Fun Games With Rugby For Kids

1. Cover tackle chaos

We spend a lot of time teaching players to avoid contact when carrying the ball, but occasionally an attacker may need to charge an opponent, so prepare defenders for their one-on-one encounters.

Set up

Five attackers and five defenders in a 2m channel. Cones of color arranged symmetrically on either side of the channel (picture 1).


The first attacker chooses whether to assault the red cone on his left or right after you call a color, in this example RED. Before the attacker breaks through and scores a try, the first defender follows him and tries to make a tackle (picture 2).

Pair players one through five on each side according to ability to advance. The players with that number then compete against one another while the attacker attempts to score when you shout out a number and color (picture 3).

Note: When there are cones on both sides, you can see who tackles more easily on one side than the other.


  • A point is awarded for each try.
  • The winning team is determined by totaling the points.

Inform them

  • “Close the space, keep your distance from the ball carrier, and avoid overextending.”
  • “When making the tackle, make sure your feet are near to the ball carrier.”
  • Wrap your arms tightly around the person carrying the ball.
  • “Uses rapid footwork and two hands on the ball.”

Training advice

Get ready for the situations where your player MUST make a tackle during a game.

Cover tackle chaos-1- Fun Games With Rugby For Teenagers


Cover tackle chaos-2- Fun Games With Rugby For Teenagers

Cover tackle chaos-3

2. Square dancing

With this straightforward game that emphasizes moving quickly through “traffic” while being careful to avoid running into other runners who are also trying to score, you can teach your players the importance of avoiding contact.

Set up

A 20-meter circle with four players standing atop alternately colored cones. Have cones in each color in an equal quantity, for as 3 red, 3 green, and 3 blue.

One ball is present for each participant in a 2 m area inside the circle (picture 1).


Players run into the square, grab a ball, and then touch a separate cone of the same color they started at with it on your command to “Go!” A player who begins on blue then enters, picks up the ball, and moves to another blue cone (picture 2).

Each player runs back into the square after touching each cone, drops the ball, and then takes up a new one. After that, they sprint to the last cone in their color (picture 3).

For one minute, play. As many circles as the players will allow.


  • Players tally the number of cones they have touched without colliding with another player, ball in hand or not, or dropping the ball.
  • To determine the winning color on each circle, add the scores. To determine the overall winning color, add together all of the scores.

Inform them

  • “Ball in two hands at all times”
  • “While in possession, always keep an eye left and right”
  • Run into a spot you see.

Training advice

You frequently have to sprint through “traffic” to get somewhere. Players can practice their running techniques while defending the ball and accomplishing other tasks in this game.

Square dancing-1

Square dancing-2

Square dancing-3

3. Obstacle course

Sometimes various players will show up at different moments to help an attack. This game makes players complete jobs, pick up a stray ball, and then employ arriving team members to outwit defenders.

Set up

A try line at one end of a 25 by 10 meter box. two defenders in the end zone and a line of cones five meters from the try line.

Four attackers standing at the opposite end of the box, a ball near the cones. The players will encounter four nearby obstacles (see figure 1):

  1. Poles were crossed to run through.
  2. A ladder for agility.
  3. Three times around the body passing a tackle shield.
  4. A tackle tube that needs to be flipped back and forth. As many of these as the tools and participants will allow.


Assign an obstacle a number from 1 to 4, then assign an attacker. When you say “Go!” they overcome their obstacle (picture 2). The player who receives the ball first picks it up and looks for assistance. The coned line is impassable to defenders (picture 3).


  • Whoever scores a try first wins.
  • Teams should keep track of their scoring rates.

Inform them

  • “Always look left and right for support.”
  • In light of what you perceive in front of the ball carrier, call for assistance.

Training advice

In a realistic, dynamic, full-contact environment, this develops memory abilities and game vision.

Obstacle course-1

Obstacle course-2

Obstacle course-3


Above is the article that introduce to readers 3 fun games with rugby for teenagers. With detailed guides, we hope you have fun games with rugby with your friends and let you hair down after school.

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