The 5 best team in rugby for men: World Rankings

The 5 best team in rugby

In Europe and around the world, rugby is one of the oldest and most well-liked sports.

Many people have found the sport to be even more enjoyable because of its distinctive blending of fierce physicality and teamwork. A further factor contributing to the sport’s diversity is the participation of players in a variety of teams and unions. Establishing ties with people throughout the world as a result.

Only a handful of the hundreds of teams who competed for the best team in rugby were able to enter the highest rankings. The performance of the team and the outcomes of the recognized international matches of the organization served as the foundation for World Rugby’s rating, which serves as the governing body of the rugby union. These are the our five best team in rugby for men.

The 5 Best Team In Rugby For Men

South Africa

  • Rugby world cup champions twice.
  • Three-time tri-nation champion.
  • The champion rugby player (2019).

South Africa rugby team- Best Team In Rugby For Men

The national rugby team of South Africa is one of the best team in rugby in the world. The nation placed third in the men’s rugby standings after receiving 89 points. One of the most renowned rugby unions in the world is South Africa’s side, also known as the Springboks.

The nation’s accomplishments are demonstrated by its winning records, which include its two Rugby World Cup victories, three Tri-Nation championships, and 2019 Rugby Championship victory.


  • The third-highest scoring team in the history of the World Cup.
  • Possesses the most Six-Nation Grand Slam victories.
  • Number of Six-Nation Championship victories overall.

France rugby team- One of the Best Team In Rugby For Men

One of the rugby world’s most dominant squads is France. After their thrilling victory against Japan in the 2022 mid-year two-test rugby union match, the nation earned the second spot, taking South Africa’s place.

In addition, France’s national rugby union holds the record for scoring the third-most points ever in a World Cup. The nation also has the best record in terms of Grand Slams and championships in the Six Nations. This year, the team placed 89.41 in the men’s rugby world rankings.


  • Won 14 Six-Nation titles.
  • Winner of three Six-Nations Grand Slams.
  • 12 Six-Nation Triple Crowns are attained.

Ireland rugby team

Ireland’s dominance has been evident for a while, as evidenced by its records, which include 14 Six Nations Championship victories, three Grand Slam victories, and 12 Six Nations Triple Crowns. Ireland is now recognized as one of the best team in rugby as a result. Additionally, it sent about 11 of its athletes to the Rugby Hall of Fame.

Ireland earned 90.03 points overall for the men’s standings, moving up to the top spot. Ireland is favored to win the 2023 Rugby World Cup by +600. Visit an online sportsbook like Fanduel Sportsbook to learn more about the most current odds and favorites in the sport as the World Cup and other rugby union contests take place this year.


  • Total number of Six-Nations titles: 29.
  • 26 Six-Nation Triple Crowns were attained.
  • The only rugby world cup champion from the Northern Hemisphere.

England rugby team


England received 86.25 points, placing fifth overall. In the 1970s, England’s national rugby union squad was initially formed. Since then, the nation has achieved greatness in sports and captured 29 Six Nations Championships. They become one of the Northern Hemisphere’s greatest powerhouses as a result.

The fact that England is the only side from the Northern Hemisphere to have won the Rugby World Cup has also established a record. The team acknowledged that their effective training sessions and strength and conditioning regimens had shaped the players’ physical and psychological game plans.

New Zealand

  • Winners of three-time Rugby World Cups
  • Greatest number of team rugby championship wins (18)
  • In a match, just 8 of 19 foreign teams have ever defeated New Zealand.

New Zealand rugby team

With 18 victories in the Rugby Championship, New Zealand is recognized as the team with the most titles. They have won the World Cup three times. Only eight international teams out of 19 have ever defeated the nation in a rugby match, making it one of the most successful teams in the sport. New Zealand finished fourth in the men’s world rankings with a score of 87.30.


  • Total number of Six-Nations championship wins: 22.
  • 10 Six-Nation Triple Crowns were attained.
  • Three-time winner of the Six Nations Grand Slam.

Scotland rugby team


Scotland’s rugby union squad has a track record of success, having won the Six Nations Grand Slam three times. The nation has also won 22 overall championship titles in the Six Nations and 10 Triple Crowns. These accomplishments have demonstrated their abilities and success in the Six Nations competitions. Scotland is currently ranked sixth in the Men’s World Rugby Ranking thanks to a score of 81.93.


  • 28 Six-Nations championship victories overall.
  • 22 Six-Nation Triple Crowns were attained.
  • 12-time champion of the Grand Slam in Six-Nations.

Wales rugby team

Wales earned 81.28 points, good for seventh place overall in the rugby world rankings. The nation is renowned for having one of the best team in rugby in the entire world. The Wales national rugby union also has 19 past members in the Rugby Hall of Fame, making them the best rugby players of all time.

In the Six Nations competitions, Wales has amassed a total of 28 Championship championships, 22 Triple Crowns, and 12 Grand Slam winning titles.


Discipline and the capacity for teamwork are essential for them to develop into excellent rugby players and to perform at their peak level in every game. The accomplishments of the best team in rugby on the list are therefore noteworthy and significant in the history of the sport.

The accomplishments of these best team in rugby have demonstrated excellent teamwork, giving the occasion greater significance for the participants, their supporters, and the entire rugby community.

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