Top 4 Best Rugby Drills For Players

Top 4 Best Rugby Drills For Players

In the process of playing rugby, there are many exercises necessary to increase the strength and skills of the players. In which the exercise of rugby drills is indispensable. Use these fitness and skill-based exercises to boost your speed, agility, passing skills and reaction time on the pitch. Let’s learn about these exercises in today’s article.

4 Best Rugby Drills for Players


To perform the exercises below, we first need to warm up thoroughly to warm up the body. This warm-up consists of 5 exercises, each lasting about 2 minutes.
  • Knee-high: about 25-30 steps
  • Heel crunch: Run forward while kicking your heels back and up towards your stomach for 25-30 steps.
  • Ankle flip: Start with the ball on your feet then kick both feet forward and land with the ball on your feet. This move also takes about 25-30 steps.
  • Walk: step one foot forward, bend your opposite leg, and lower until your back knee almost touches the ground, making sure your front knee is behind your front foot. Repeat with the opposite leg.
  • Open/Close the Gate: take three quick steps forward and bring one foot up and out to the side, swinging it around before putting it down. Repeat on the other side, alternating between pins

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