Top 8 Most Loved Rugby Ball In The World

Top 8 Most Loved Rugby Ball In The World

The sport of rugby has become extremely popular all over the world today. Of course, contributing to the fiery matches on the field cannot be without rugby ball. Balls are divided into many different sizes, colors and manufacturers. Today, let’s learn about today’s popular rugby ball with RugbyQA and a buying guide.

Buying guide for Rugby Ball

There are many choices of rugby balls on the market today and it can be confusing to know which one is a rugby ball. Some leagues are heavily restricted to a certain brand due to sponsorship deals but in general clubs and schools will have a choice of all the options available, which is better sometimes they have a smaller budget to stick with. So we hope to give you some information about the ball size you need and some of the options available to you.


Rugby balls come in 4 different sizes designed for different age groups:

  • Size 3: Mini rugby for age groups under 7, 8 and 9
  • Size 4: Children’s rugby for age groups 10 to 14
  • Size 4.5: This is a transition ball for players transitioning from a size 4 to a size 5 ball, giving them the opportunity to improve their confidence and skills before moving on to a larger ball.
  • Size 5: Junior rugby and senior rugby for ages U15 and up.

Typical dimensions

  • Mini:160mm long x 410mm long x 315mm long
  • Midi: length 225mm x length 580mm x circumference 525mm
  • Size 3: 255mm long x 680mm long x 540mm wide
  • Size 4: length 275mm x round length 720mm x circumference 555mm
  • Size 5: length 285mm x circle length 752mm x circumference 585mm

Most popular Rugby Ball

Sirius Match Ball

Gilbert has developed the best-combined ball in world rugby. Sirius, as used in the Rugby World Cup 2019, is available in multiple country options. The Sirius Match Ball is designed using traditional Gilbert Rugby colors, with the famous Gilbert oval embellishments. Taking its name from the brightest star in the sky, visible from both the Southern and Northern hemispheres, the ball symbolizes the convergence of the best rugby players around the globe. Sirius features innovative styling that includes two-star patterns of varying heights for increased grip and dispersion support without sacrificing durability.

Sirius Match Ball

Lusum Aquilifer Match

The Aquilifer Rugby Ball uses the latest Velocity Amplifier technology to produce a high-quality ball suitable for use at Elite levels. The high-quality 4-layer construction makes it the premium gold standard quality in rugby balls available. Super high-quality seams improve the ability to fly in the air. The Max Grain handle ball is carefully designed to help players improve their handling when catching or passing the ball. Unlike other rugby franchises, Lusum chooses not to sponsor teams, leagues or players, and save huge sums of money, which are then invested in the production of technology, design and better materials. This means you will get better-quality balls for less money.

Lusum Aquilifer Match

Rhino Cyclone XV Rugby Training Ball

This ball is designed with an exclusive three-dimensional bead pattern that adds durability and longevity to the ball. The ball is made of a rubber blend and is hand-stitched with three-layer construction. This is an affordable and very reliable rugby ball, perfect for rugby teams with a limited budget.

Mitre Sabre Rugby Ball

The Miter Saber rugby ball has a rubber compound surface with deep bumps designed to improve grip. This essential kit is hugely popular with school kids and amateur rugby teams. This ball is specially designed with vibrant graphics and developed with innovative organic shapes to make the player more intuitive. Not only is this ball great at home and school, but it is also the ideal gift for young football enthusiasts. The weight and shape of our oversized rugby ball are perfect for young adults. professional tournament.

Mitre Sabre Rugby Ball

Canterbury Rugby Ball

At Canterbury, we understand how important a high-quality rugby ball can be. That’s why they use over 100 years of experience to build only the toughest and most durable rugby balls. Built with hard-density compound rubber and a rubber ball for higher flight, the Thrillseeker and Mentre training balls will help elevate your game. Grab the Canterbury rugby balls and take your game to the next level.

Webb Ellis Maori Extreme Rugby Training Ball

The Webb Ellis Maori Extreme Rugby Training Ball is an iconic design that celebrates the Maori passion for the game of rugby. The ball is made of polyester, cotton and neoprene materials with 3-layer construction. The handle profile offers excellent durability and the best grip. Also with the Airlock-3 design, the bladder provides excellent air-holding capacity.

Gilbert Canada Vintage Leather Rugby Ball

Rugby in Canada is a sport of dedication and perseverance. They have competed in Rugby World Cups, and they even reached the quarter-finals in the first RWC in 1987. Celebrate the history of Canadian Rugby with this handcrafted vintage leather ball to celebrate the team’s history. Created by Gilbert Rugby using traditional methods dating back almost 200 years, the Vintage Canadian Rugby ball is made of premium leather using the same techniques as William Gilbert has used all these years. before he made the first rugby ball for Rugby School in 1823.

Gilbert Canada Vintage Leather Rugby Ball

South Africa Replica Ball

Gilbert has designed a full range of International Copy Balls for many countries around the globe. The South Africa Replica Ball has been fitted with a neoprene gasket for excellent air retention. With a standard grip and rubber compound surface, it’s great for pre-workout backyard rugby practice. The South African Replica Ball comes in 5, midi and mini sizes, which is perfect for both adults and kids to remember their favorite moments in rugby history.

rugby ball

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