What is A Maul in Rugby?

What is a maul in rugby 1

Rugby Maul is an interesting sport that is gaining popularity in recent years. In Rugby Maul, two teams of fifteen players each play against each other by running to a designated point on the field and trying to hit another player with a stick. While the sport may seem chaotic, learn about a maul in rugby, how it works, and what you need to know to play it in this article!

What is a maul in rugby?

A maul in rugby occurs when three or more players, including the carrier and at least one other player from both sides, come into contact with each other. What makes the maul different from the ruck is that the ball is not on the ground but in the player’s hand. Players can only join from behind, anyone entering from either side will be penalized by the referee. Players participating in the competition must have their head or shoulders no lower than their hips and must have at least one arm tied to a teammate. They try to steal the ball from the opponent before either player is tackled by hooking or pulling him down.

A maul in rugby is a dangerous and powerful carry movement in rugby and can be very effective in penetrating defenses. Mauls are often used when an attacking team wants to get the ball from an opponent deep in their own half. They are also sometimes used as a way to set up a test.

What is a maul in rugby?

The rules of a maul in rugby

Maul rugby is a dangerous and quite brutal form of play when two teams of 15 players play against each other. The aim of the game is to push the opposition to the limit, and maul is an important part of this strategy. To knock down a maul, a team must first gain possession of the ball by either getting it over the line or kicking it out towards their striker. Once they have the ball, their strikers then have to work hard to push the opponent towards the touchline. If they can get close enough, their forward will then use his size and strength to shrink the maul, sending the ball carrier across the line for a try.

The rules of a maul in rugby

Maul can be extremely dangerous if not handled correctly, so it is important for teams to use all their resources to gain possession and ensure that they are not pushed too far from the goal. According to World Rugby Rules, a stroke is when a ball carrier and at least one player from each team come into contact with each other and keep their feet intact. These are the instructions for a maul in rugby that we give you below:

Forming a maul

Maul can only take place in the playground. At least one person from each team is tied together and placed on their feet, along with the ball carrier. Once formed, a maul must move towards the target and start playing.

Offside at a maul

Each team has an offside line running parallel to the goal line through the back feet of the players who hit the ball closest to that team’s goal line. If that foot is on or behind the touchline, that team’s offside line is the goal line. A player must engage with a maul from an inside position or retreat behind their offside line immediately. Players who leave an error must immediately retreat to the offside line.

During a maul

The player carrying the ball in the maul may land provided that the player has the ball immediately. All other players in the maul must try to stay on their feet. In addition, there are some rules that players must not violate such as:

  • Intentionally knocking down an ape or jumping on it
  • Try to pull the opponent away from the maul
  • Take any action to make the opponent believe that the maul is over when it is not yet

When players of the team that is not holding the ball deliberately leave the maul so that there are no more players from that team in the maul, the maul is continued. If you want to join again, the condition is that the first player must stick to the top player of the team in possession of the ball. When a player has stopped moving toward the goal for more than five seconds but the ball is in motion and the referee can see it, the referee instructs the players to use the ball. The team with possession must use the ball quickly after that.

a maul in rugby

Ending a maul

A maul ends and play continues when:

  • The ball or ball-carrier leaves the maul
  • The ball is on the ground
  • The ball is on or over the goal line

A scrum that is granted for any of the aforementioned reasons shall go to the team of the player who directly caught the opponent’s kick in open play if a maul forms right away.


As a result, A maul in rugby is a form of exercise that can be used to improve your batting. You can see a lot of such matches taking place in rugby. Our today’s article has explained the basics of a maul in rugby, and the rules of the game in the clearest way. Hope has brought a lot of useful and understandable information about rugby to you. See you in the next posts on the same topic. Wishing you a nice and happy day.

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