7 Best Commercial insurance companies

best commercial insurance companies

You must make a good best commercial insurance companies policy investment if you want to reduce hazards. You might want to make sure, for instance, that your personal vehicle is covered for business usage or that your store is secure in the event of a break-in.

rugbyqa.com have compiled a list of the top best commercial insurance companies insurance providers because insurance requirements differ depending on the size of the firm and the industry. These are 7 the top contenders in each area.

Best commercial insurance companies of 2023

best commercial insurance companies
best commercial insurance companies

1. Next Insurance

Next Insurance plans are made especially for small enterprises and individual proprietors. Next Insurance is at the top of our list for the self-employed seeking business security because of its products’ cheap starting monthly rates and dramatic expense reductions by eliminating coverage that is unnecessary for self-employed enterprises.

Due to its youth, Next Insurance has not yet received a rating from organizations like AM Best or J.D. Power. But it is supported by Munich R.E., rated A+ by AM Best.

Priced as little as 30% less than equivalent coverage

Quick online quotations

Available same-day coverage

Cons Limited possibilities for coverage

Not appropriate for all industry

business just since 2016

2. Chubb

best commercial insurance companies
best commercial insurance companies

Chubb’s industry-specific general liability best commercial insurance companies of all sizes and types specialized protection at unbeatable prices. We recommend Chubb as having the finest general liability coverage because of this.

In terms of financial stability and customer happiness, Chubb is among the top in the sector. The company has an AM Best financial strength rating of A++.

The 2022 J.D. Power U.S. Small Commercial Insurance Study ranked Chubb second.

Pros Over 1,000 different business kinds are covered by general liability insurance.

covers businesses of any size

Flexible alternatives for extra insurance

Must be acquired through a representative

There are no online quotes.

Global coverage necessitates additional insurance

3. The Hartford

best commercial insurance companies
best commercial insurance companies

The Hartford offers the most economical complete coverage for all parties, from small businesses to international conglomerates, and has the top best commercial insurance companies in our study.

Although most states provide plans, if your company is located in Alaska or Hawaii you won’t be able to get coverage. Also keep in mind that, despite writing commercial property coverage for organizations of all sizes, The Hartford is primarily targeted at smaller enterprises. The Hartford wrote more small business premiums ($4.1 billion) than midsize and big business premiums ($3.3 billion) all together in 2022, demonstrating its commitment on small businesses.

Advantages of small- and big-business policies

Quick online quotation

200 years or more in business

A few policies are not accessible online.

less familiarity with larger companies

not accessible in three states

4. Progressive

With more best commercial insurance companies auto direct premiums written than any other insurer, Progressive is the leading supplier of commercial auto insurance in the United States and in our assessment.

Progressive’s commercial auto coverage have a few restrictions. Golf carts, emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire engines, and trailer-only policies are among the particular vehicle categories that are prohibited. In comparison to other suppliers, you could discover that fewer customizing choices are offered. You should be aware that Progressive does contract out the writing of other best commercial insurance companies policies to third parties if you need to get more than simply auto insurance for your company.

positive 24-hour claims service

Discount for coverage bundles

Availability in all 50 states

Some restrictions on the covered cars

little choices for modification

Some commercial insurance policies are backed by outside providers.

5. Nationwide

For the broadest range of business types and sizes, Nationwide offers exceptional coverage and service.

One of Nationwide’s minor shortcomings is that only five different types of coverage are available in online quotations. You’ll need to call and chat with an agent if you want more specific information about the policy. The hospitality and real estate professions are two more small business sectors that don’t receive much focus. Finally, although coverage can be purchased anywhere in the contiguous United States, Nationwide best commercial insurance companies is not offered in Alaska or Hawaii.

Positives Customized policies for a variety of business kinds and sizes

There are numerous possibilities for covering.

over a century in business

Cons Fewer online quoting resources

fewer options for sector-specific coverage

Only accessible in the 48 states and D.C.

6. Berkshire Hathaway

In our analysis of business owner’s policies, Berkshire Hathaway, which provides two standard business owner’s plans (BOP) and one more comprehensive choice, comes out on top since it can provide unparalleled combined coverage for every aspect of your organization.

Although biBERK and THREE are both newbies to the market, they are both supported by Berkshire Hathaway, a company that has been in the best commercial insurance companies since the 1960s. However, this indicates that not all states have yet made company coverage available. BiBERK offers BOPs in 29 states as of the time of publication, even though professional liability E&O coverage is accessible in 50 states. As THREE continues to expand its service area, it is already available in several places where biBERK does not provide full BOP coverage.

Positives The THREE strategy offers a more durable choice.

Discount for yearly payments

Not accessible in every state

younger insurance company

7. Insureon

Because liquor liability rules vary from state to state, Insureon is the best site to help you find the ideal local provider for your bar, restaurant, shop, or catering business. In our analysis of liquor liability insurance, Insureon wins out.

Depending on your region, how long you’ve been in business, and what proportion of your overall revenue originates from alcohol sales, the cost of your liquor liability best commercial insurance companies policy will change. According to Insureon, the average yearly premium for liquor liability insurance for bars is $2,060, for restaurants it’s $545, and for caterers it’s $775.

Pros Free online tool compares prices from several vendors

In all 50 states, licensed

Obtain protection within a day.

Cons No underwriting of policies

Long application includes detailed operation-related questions


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