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How to pump a rugby ball without a pump: Our 5 most effective methods

How to pump a rugby ball without a pump

What happens if there is no pump or needle around and you discover your ball to be deflated? You could easily decide not to start the park pickup rugby as planned. Even better, you could use your incredible ingenuity to figure out another way how to pump a rugby ball without a pump. How to […]

2023 Rugby World Cup: 9 Host Stadiums Information

2023 Rugby World Cup

The 2023 Rugby World Cup is scheduled to begin two years from now, and planning for the event is already well under way in ten French towns. Each of the qualified teams and their supporters now know exactly where they will be throughout the pool phase and possibly beyond thanks to the 2023 Rugby World […]

How to pass a rugby ball: 4 basic sorts of passes

How to pass a rugby ball

The most basic ability in rugby is passing and catching the ball, but many new players fail because they are never properly taught how to do it. In light of it, I created this short article of how to pass a rugby ball. We’ll go through the fundamentals of passing and catching first, and then […]

What is a try in rugby? How to score them: Our best guide

What is a try in rugby?

Given that rugby is one of the oldest sports in existence, one would assume that its rules and terminology are well understood. That’s not always the case, though, and occasionally they call for explanation. For instance, what is a try in rugby, and where did it originate? Other sports could refer to a score as […]

Best Ankle Tap Rugby Training: 6 Essential Exercises

Ankle Tap Rugby Training

Rugby players and fans have differing opinions about ankle tap rugby. An opponent who is moving quickly can be brought down with an ankle tap, frequently while they are outside the reach of a full ankle tap rugby. A lot of times, all that stands between a defending player and a try is an ankle […]

14 basic terms in rugby you have to know before watching

Terms in rugby

Rugby is a global sport with players and fans from all over, therefore it only makes sense that there will be a variety of terms in rugby slang spoken during matches. Watching rugby and paying attention to the commentators, who will explain what is happening and why, is one of the best things you can […]

Top 8 Most Loved Rugby Ball In The World

Top 8 Most Loved Rugby Ball In The World

The sport of rugby has become extremely popular all over the world today. Of course, contributing to the fiery matches on the field cannot be without rugby ball. Balls are divided into many different sizes, colors and manufacturers. Today, let’s learn about today’s popular rugby ball with RugbyQA and a buying guide. Buying guide for […]

The Best Fun Things About Lineouts In Rugby

The Best Fun Things About Lineouts In Rugby

Rugby is a favorite sport of many people and it is becoming more and more popular. However, for beginners, many concepts in this subject are quite foreign to them. Join us to learn more about the sport of rugby through the article The Best Fun Things About Lineouts In Rugby. 1. What is the sport […]