Dog Walking Liability Insurance

Dog Walking Liability Insurance
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Although working with animals can be quite enjoyable, it also presents a unique set of problems. When dog walking your furry pets are not only subject to your responsibility for their safety, but also for any injury or destruction they may cause. That is why having the appropriate Dog Walking Liability Insurance in place is crucial. A versatile Dog Walking Liability Insurance plan that can be customized to fit your particular field of business. Therefore, if something goes wrong, you are covered whether you are visiting a park or cooing over a client’s pet in your living room. will provide for you some information about Dog Walking Liability Insurance in this post.

What insurance do I need for dog walking?

Dog Walking Liability Insurance
Dog Walking Liability Insurance
There are several potential risks you should be aware of and take precautions against when working as a pet sitter or dog walker. You will be held accountable if the dog you are walking destroys a garden or bites another animal. In addition to assisting you in tough situations, having the appropriate insurance will reassure your clients that you take your obligations seriously. If your Dog Walkers’ and Pet Sitters’ Insurance coverage covers public liability, you are protected in the event that an injured animal in your care causes property damage or harms another person. You can include employer’s liability coverage in your insurance if you employ other people. If your staff get sick or hurt while working for you, we will provide coverage up to £10 million and take care of you. No matter how many different types of coverage you include in your policy, there will only be one renewal date and one monthly or annual price. Nothing could be easier.

Public liability insurance

Dog Walking Liability Insurance
Dog Walking Liability Insurance
If you mistakenly damage someone’s property or injure a member of the public, your public Dog Walking Liability Insurance will pay for it. An illustration of this might be a client’s home being damaged while construction is being done on it, or a consumer injuring themself while slipping on a wet floor in your store or office. This insurance also covers you in the event that a client or a member of the public is harmed or becomes ill as a result of a product you have provided. For instance, if a customer’s shoe’s heel breaks and they trip and fall, or if someone gets sick from a cupcake you sold at an event. Public and product Dog Walking Liability Insurance would pay the charges you are required to pay if the persons in issue filed a lawsuit against you. From £1 million to £10 million in coverage is what we can provide.
Public liability coverage for dog walking and 13 other pet care services, such as pet sitting, home boarding, pet grooming, or pet taxi service, are all included in your Dog Walking Liability Insurance at no additional cost. In the event that an animal is hurt, lost, or killed, your policy will also automatically include £100,000 in Care, Custody, and Control coverage as well as £10,000 in Lost Key coverage. Free of charge, you will receive £250 in equipment insurance, which you may raise to £30,000 if necessary. Personal Accident and Professional Indemnity are two additional coverage types that can be added.
There are flexible payment options with 0% APR. As an alternative, you can purchase your policy for just £74.49 each year. The cost of your dog walking insurance is really competitive with our prices.

Fast & Straightforward Process

Dog Walking Liability Insurance
Dog Walking Liability Insurance
We want to make it simple for you to purchase insurance for your dog walking company, so you can get a quotation and purchase your coverage in just a few minutes.

14 Activities Covered

We offer coverage under the same policy for 14 various pet-related activities, including dog walking, grooming, and pet sitting, at no additional cost.

Specialists in the Pet Industry

We are one of the top insurance companies for pet businesses, so you can count on our knowledgeable staff to give you the after-sale assistance you require.

Excellent Claims Handling

Our expert claim handlers strive to rapidly resolve any claim you have, no matter how serious it may be, without interfering with your business.

Public Liability

Select a coverage amount ranging from £1 million to £10 million to shield your company against lawsuits brought by customers who have been injured or had their property damaged. Key Cover
You are covered up to £10,000 for new keys, replacement locks, the cost of resetting intruder alarms, and related call-out fees in the event that you misplace a client’s keys.

Care, Custody & Control

In the event of an unintentional loss, injury, illness, or death of any animal in your care, custody, or control or that of any member of your staff, up to £100,000 in coverage is given (up to £25,000 per animal).

Equipment Cover

Dog Walking Liability Insurance
Dog Walking Liability Insurance
We automatically provide free coverage for your equipment against theft, loss, and unintentional damage in the amount of £250. Up to a value of £30,000, you can increase the security of your belongings.

Non-Negligent Cover

The accidental loss, damage, illness, or death of an animal in your care during the course of service delivery due to no fault of your business is also covered, similar to the Care, Custody, and Control benefit.

Close Family Extension

Your coverage automatically covers your immediate family members. Therefore, you do not need to purchase Employers’ Liability if you employ your spouse, your wife, your son, your daughter, or any other immediate family member.Employers’ Liability.

Legal Expenses

The Commercial Legal Expenses benefit offers up to £100,000 in insurance coverage for tax and legal defense. Additionally, as part of this benefit, you have access to our 24-hour helplines for legal, tax, or counseling assistance to assist you in managing your business.

Employers’ Liability

Employers’ Dog Walking Liability Insurance is necessary if your business has any workers or volunteers. Our Employers’ Liability benefit offers £10 million in coverage, which is double the bare minimum required by law.

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