What is Short Rugby Winger- Top 10 Most Famous Players in The World

What is Short Rugby Winger- Top 10 Most Famous Players in The World

There are 15 different positions on the football field and each player has a specialized role and a series of tasks that they must complete. Rugby players also come in all shapes and sizes as some positions require strength and muscle while others require speed and agility. In this article, we will focus on the winger position and introduce a short rugby winger for your reference.

What is the Winger in Rugby?

A winger in rugby is a player who stands on the sidelines and plays backstage. Their main role is to run with the ball and try to score in the corner. Rugby wingers are renowned for their quickness and power. They often have a rather small and thin appearance compared to other players on the team. Players in this position are expected to cause players to miss out on the wide field, dribbling long balls down the line and supporting players who have broken the touchline. Rugby grounders are known for their offensive as well as defensive skills.

What is the Winger in Rugby?

The wingers can often get out without making a lot of tackles because the ball is usually in the middle of the field and when the action finally gets to where the winger is defending he can use it. Use the touchline to force players to go out or pass. These players can also jump in the air, catch the ball. Some wingers have the ability to shoot but many will pass the ball to other players such as flyhalf or central defender who are better at shooting. A good winger will also be quick to react when an opponent’s attacker breaks through the defense and chases them for a tackle. Their extremely fast speed is really effective in defense.

How to be a good winger in rugby?

In general, a good winger in rugby needs to be agile with top-notch ball handling skills. They have to be able to break through and break through defenses, finishing off attacks by scoring and hitting the ball long in their own half. Good wingers also run strong attacks and support the runner. If you want to be a good winger, you need to have the following skills:

  • Speed: Of course, a winger needs to be able to run fast. The best wingers can be explosive and quickly make their opponents tackle.
  • Scoring: The main role of a winger is to score goals. The wingers will do their best to score and convert even the smallest chance they are given.
  • Creating Breakthroughs: Wingers need to be able to create holes in the defense using speed, parry, and running at certain angles.
  • Runner Support: What separates a mediocre winger from a great winger is his ability to always support a broken winger. Great wingers will be right next to the runner ready to receive passes and score goals. It’s not just about running with pure hair, but also running effective balls. That means running at certain angles makes it difficult for the defense to handle them.
  • Jumping and Catching High: The wingers must step back and catch the ball after it has teemed. To ensure possession of the ball for their team, they need to be able to leap into the air above the opponent, catch the ball and bring it back to the ground safely.

Top 10 famous short rugby winger

Schalk Brits

The first short rugby winger is Schalk Brits. Schalk Burger Brits is a former South African professional rugby league player who last played for the South African national team and Bulls in Super Rugby. He mainly plays as a hooker. He was part of the team that won the 2019 World Cup Rugby. He retired after 19 appearances.

Kwagga Smith

Another 2019 World Cup winner, the winger considered too small for the 15-man game has come from the heavyweights. Has had six Test caps and is currently playing in the Japan Top League. He is a South African rugby union player for the South African national team, Lions in Super Rugby and Yamaha Júbilo in the Japan Top League. His regular position is full-back.

Harry Thacker

Another short rugby winger is Harry Thacker. He is best known as an English rugby league player who plays for the Bristol Bears in Premiership Rugby. He plays in the hooker position. Thacker made 70 appearances for the Leicester Tigers between 2013–2018.

CJ Stander

As one of Ireland’s strongest back carriers, it’s hard to believe the 31-year-old is also a short rugby winger. Munster’s player has 49 caps for Ireland and also featured in the 2017 Lions shirt. He is a former player of the South African – Ireland rugby union. He will retire in 2021.

Heinrich Brussow

The former Springboks and Northampton Saints winger is often “too small” for his advantage. His small stature and low center of gravity make him almost immobile in front of the ball. He is a former player of the South African professional rugby union. His familiar position is a winger. Won 23 caps before retiring in 2019.

Neil Back

The next short rugby winger is Neil Back. Weighing in at under 100kg, he was initially deemed not large enough by British selectors to play international rugby in the back row. He is a former England Rugby Football League international and England & Ireland Lions, who has also played for Nottingham RFC, and Leicester Tigers, and captained both England and Leicester during his career. After winning the World Cup with England in 2003, he took on the role of Player Coach. He has 66 caps for England and 5 times with the Lions.

Neil Back

Josh Navidi

Josh Navidi is a Welsh international rugby union player, who plays for Cardiff Rugby, Wales and the Lions of England and Ireland. Despite not having a strikingly large build, the Welshman has handled most of the opponents he has faced. Cardiff’s attack earned his 26th coat in last weekend’s Triple Crown win over Wales.

Leigh Halfpenny

Leigh Halfpenny is a Welsh rugby league player who plays as a full-back or winger for the Scarlets, Wales and British & Irish Lions. He was also said to be too small in his teens, but he has become one of the most reliable and best defensive solid full-backs in the game. Now 32, he made his 95th Wales cap last month and he has four more for the Lions.

Aphiwe Dyantyi

Aphiwe Dyantyi is a South African professional rugby union player who currently plays for the South African national team, Lions in Super Rugby, Golden Lions in Currie Cup and Golden Lions XV in Rugby Challenge. As a student, he was said to be not old enough to play rugby. Just a few years passed quickly and the South African was awarded the Rugby World Player of the Year award. A 13-time winner, the 26-year-old is currently serving a four-year ban for doping. This also disqualifies him from participating in South Africa’s successful Rugby World Cup 2019 campaign.

Aphiwe Dyantyi

Jean-Pierre Rives

short rugby winger

The last short rugby winger today is Jean-Pierre Rives. The former France captain is a bit small among amateurs and has been told he doesn’t have the weight to play in international tournaments, but that hasn’t stopped the nimble winger from earning 59 times played from 1975 to 1984. Additionally, he was honored with a spot in the International Rugby Hall of Fame. After retiring from his sports career, Rives focused entirely on his art. He is both a painter and a sculptor, and regularly exhibits at famous public venues around the globe.

In short, Today’s article has introduced what a winger is, their leaky shoulders on the field as well as what it takes to become a good winger. Besides, we have also come up with a list of 10 short rugby winger in the world. Hope you got some useful knowledge from the article.

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