When Is Rugby Season? ( 12 Months In A Year)

When Is Rugby Season? ( All Year)

When Is Rugby Season? Different countries hold professional as well as club rugby tournaments at various times throughout the year. Although there is no centralized world calendar, there are frequent calls to make the seasons more coherent across rugby-playing countries.

This article provides global and professional club rugby calendars from around the world. Because of the pandemic, many of the schedules had to adjust in 2020 and 2021, but I’m offering you the traditional calendars in normal periods.

A Schedule of International Rugby Seasons

World Rugby, the governing body, has established dates throughout the year once clubs must release players to play for their respective nations.
Every four years, the Rugby World Cup is held. The end-of-year global tests are canceled that year.

When Is the Rugby Six Nations Championship?

When Is the Rugby Six Nations Championship?
When Is the Rugby Six Nations Championship?

The Six Nations Championship is Europe’s top international rugby tournament. The six countries involved are as follows:

England, Ireland, France, Italy, Scotland, and Wales are all represented.
The Six Nations tournament lasts five weeks, beginning in February as well as ending in March.

Several times in history, the tournament was postponed and some matches were managed to play later in the year.

The latest was due to the COVID pandemic, which caused matches in the usual 2020 window to be canceled. These games were played later in the year after national governments lifted travel restrictions.

When Is The Southern Hemisphere Rugby Championship?

The Rugby Championship used to be known as the Tri-Nations because it included three countries. New Zealand,  Australia, and South Africa are the traditional three countries.

Argentina, as well as Japan, have recently been added.

The Rugby Championship is usually held from July to September, lasting three months.

When Does The Mid-Year Or Summer Internationals Take Place?

June is one of the months when international rugby tests are held.

In the Northern Hemisphere, these are known as Summer Internationals. Of course, not everywhere is experiencing summer. As a result, other hemispheres often refer to them as mid-year internationals.

Southern hemisphere teams, such as Australia and New Zealand, have traditionally stayed at home and played on their home turf. The northern hemisphere teams go on tour as well as play three games against one or more countries from the southern hemisphere.

This is why the mid-year season is sometimes referred to as the touring month in Europe.

When Does The End-Of-Year Or Autumn Internationals Take Place?

November is the calendar year’s second month for global rugby matches.

In Europe, these are known as Autumn internationals. Teams in the southern hemisphere refer to them as end-of-year tests.

Traditionally, European teams play in their home stadiums, while the rest of the world travels to play several tests in a month. As a result, the southern hemisphere teams refer to them as touring internationals.

When Is Rugby Season World Cup Held?

Every four years, the Rugby World Cup is held. It typically lasts two months, beginning in September and ending in October.

Countries that compete in the World Cup normally ignore the end-of-year as well as autumn internationals in November.

They will also extend the mid-year window in June to allow for more “warm-up” games before the World Cup.

Other International Rugby Competitions

I’ve already mentioned the two highest-level championships in Europe as well as the Southern Hemisphere. However, these are not the only rugby tournaments held around the world.

Canada and the United States, for example, compete in the Americas Rugby Championship.

This tournament follows the same format as the Six Nations. This also takes place at the same time each year, in February and March.

When Does Club Or Domestic Rugby Season Begin?

When Does Club Or Domestic Rugby Season Begin?
When Does Club Or Domestic Rugby Season Begin?

Traditionally, European domestic tournaments run concurrently with college seasons, beginning in the autumn and ending in the late spring.

Amateur rugby was traditionally mainly played by clubs affiliated with university and school “old boys.” That is no longer true.

However, it is noted that players in a high-contact sport like rugby require a long break to recover and prepare for the next season. So, unless they are playing international rugby during the mid-year window, professional players usually have downtime during the summer.

Rugby Union Championship

The name and format of the tournament involving traditional Celtic countries are constantly changing. The Celtic League, PRO 12, PRO 14, and PRO 16 have all been dropped in favor of the United Rugby Championship.

Professional clubs from the following countries are represented:

Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Wales, and South Africa are all represented.

Championship of Europe

The top clubs from the following countries compete in the European Championship:

England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Italy, and France are all represented.

Rugby Union

Super Rugby features the best clubs from:

Australia,  South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, and Japan are all represented.

Questions and Answers: When Is Rugby Season?

When Is Rugby Season? Is rugby a spring or fall sport?

The rugby season typically begins in the fall and lasts until the end of the following spring.

Traditionally, the sport was played on college and university campuses. This is why, in Western countries, the season manages to mirror the academic year.

When Is Rugby Season? Is rugby a winter or summer sport?

Rugby is typically a winter sport, with club seasons beginning in the Northern Hemisphere in September or October.

Clubs in the Southern Hemisphere begin their seasons in July or August, which are also the wettest months in those countries.

When Is Rugby Season in the English Premiership?

The English Premiership rugby tournament begins in September and lasts until May of the following year.

When does the Super Rugby season begin?

The Southern Hemisphere Super Rugby season begins in February and runs through August of the same calendar year.

When is the Australian rugby season?

The Australian National Rugby Championship is a club rugby competition for amateurs that begins in August. Super Rugby franchises in Australia begin their seasons in February.

When Is Rugby Season in New Zealand?

The Mitre Cup is a New Zealand amateur club rugby competition that begins in August. Super Rugby franchises in New Zealand begin their seasons in February.

When is the South African rugby season?

The Currie Cup is a South African amateur club rugby competition that begins in August. Super Rugby franchises in South Africa begin their seasons in February.

The South African franchises competing in the United Rugby Championship in Europe begin their season in September.

When is the start of rugby season in the U. S.?

Amateur club rugby in the U. S. begins in September and continues until May of the following year.

Major League Rugby clubs begin their season in March but also finish in July.

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